“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

After spending 4 years of my life in the corporate sector, I decided to indulge more in writing and traveling after exchanging some vows with mountains, mother nature, and myself, and some abuses with my boss. I have traveled extensively in the remote places in Uttarakhand- an unexplored heaven, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kashmir and Himachal.This blog is a medium to share my travel stories, experiences and insights of my journey into the heartlands of India.I hope this permutation and combination of 26 letters- woven into simple words and sentences- will inspire you to dust off of that backpack and venture out on your next trip into the diverse, unexplored, and majestic terrains of India. If anyone of you is able to identify themselves with my words and find inspiration, or at least an insight into their heart- to lead a life filled with experiences, not regrets; this blog will serve its purpose of being much more than just a futile exercise in narcissism. -Amish Rohilla
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