One more Night without you

The Night is in Slumbers,
The day a distant Dream.
The heart’s in peril- It aches with every breath.
Mind wanders off in wild and venereal utopia,
Delirious with the carnal smell of your body.
It all seems like- One more night without you.

Your absence is like a curse now, than just abject misery and suffering.
The last few drops of hope have evaporated around the burning desperation to touch and smell your naked skin.
Stomach hurts from the insurmountable loneliness,
Sleep yonder off in widespread oblivion
This all feels like- One more night without you.

I have long accepted that you cannot be mine.
Neither now, nor in the distant future, or till my last breath we’d be together.
But the Night has made some promises to its
nocturnal Friends- Moon, Stars, and the Darkness.
If we all could spend just one more night in your presence, the dawn won’t seem to take too long.

One more night without you waits for me -back at home.
But I ‘d rather be the poor, unfortunate orphan,
If you are there to accompany me on the homeless, deserted road.
The veils of endurance and the mask of sanity slips down every now and then,
And people wonder If I am crazy and deluded.
I have exhausted the boundaries of pretension and lies.
The soul has started to rust now, for the heart is corroded with despair from the incessant tears that didn’t surface on the eyes or rolled down the cheeks.
I won’t be able to survive- One more night without you.

Pangs of jealousy, envy, and moroseness hovers over the heart every time I see you with thy partner.
The voices in my head have obliterated me with morbid and sadistic thoughts.
Your silence is pushing me beyond the edge of madness.
I might end up killing every man on this planet, If it will result in- Not Spending One more night without you.

It is no longer about connection,
It isn’t even about love, sex, or pleasure.
It is about finding a moment of relief from the pain and burden of being me- without you.

For I am not afraid to end up alone, but to end up with people who makes me feel alone.

Please, I beg you.
Come and see me- One last time,
Even if it means to leave me again.
I am running out of reasons and excuses to survive.
It seems like I ‘ll be dead tomorrow,
If I am destined to spend- One more night without you.

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