Trip of a life time

Exploring new places, filled with similar faces

Struggling with cash and a narcissistic rash,

We ventured on a trip after a long time.

Traversing the hills with inflated bills,

Stopping in between for some tantalizing meals,

Mostly barefoot, occasionally on wheels,

We enjoyed the trip of a life time.


Endless meadows and amiable shadows

welcomed and greeted us with an open sky.

Reveling and enjoying inside nature’s abode,

We wondered if our lives in the city is just one big lie.

The valley, the deodars and the occasional mist-all were ours in the exchange of a dime.

It turned out eventually to be the trip of a life time.

Incessant rain and cloudy terrain made everything cozy, comfortable and warm.

We felt protected in the mountains bosom like a new-born baby in her mother’s arm.


The hot tea with the steaming Maggi- stimulated our souls more than the taste buds.

I guess it’s not the food that matters-but people and surrounding you share it with.

And how can we forget the shining and twinkling doon valley

As if stars had descended from heaven to earth on a big fat belly.

Discussing the trivial ,the material , and the spiritual we sipped the vodka and smoked the cigarettes without an ash tray.

Forgetting, if only for those few moments the limitations, and fears of our regular, mundane days.

It was truly and simply the trip of a life time.And was long overdue.
For time had changed, but it all felt the same except our belly’s were new.

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